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As a Florida health care professional, you’ve likely treated victims who have been injured in auto accidents and who are covered by Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance. Upon treating your patients with the care that they need, you submit a bill for services performed to the insurance company for payment. You expect your bill to be paid and in a timely fashion. Yet sometimes for various reasons, payment is delayed or denied altogether.

The health care insurance litigation lawyers at the Weinstein Law Firm assist health care providers, including but not limited to: hospitals, doctors, chiropractors, out-patient surgical centers and diagnostic testing facilities in their efforts to obtain proper payments from insurers for PIP claims and treatment rendered to patients.

A claim may be denied, discounted or delayed by an insurance adjuster for one of many reasons – often because the insurer determines that the treatment billed was not reasonable and necessary based on their review of your records and any medical opinions they have received. A claim may also be denied due to coding issues, peer reviews, coverage issues and other more complex reasons. Each situation is different, and each claim must be looked at individually.

Denied, discounted and delayed claims can be fought, and if you do not aggressively pursue these claims, you are giving money away. The Weinstein Law Firm has successfully represented numerous health care professionals in pursuing these types of claims for more than 10 years. Often, we can get your bill paid and take much of the burden of collecting the payment off you and your staff. We are prepared to litigate complex insurance matters and go to court or arbitration, if need be. And, we have built a reputation with insurance adjusters for doing just that.

If our attorneys handle your insurance dispute, we will sit down with your staff to educate them on common reasons for claim delays and denial. We will also advise you as to the best methods for proper claim submission to improve your odds of receiving proper and timely payments in the future.

We can also assist you in disputes with health insurers, vendors and other entities, and we are available for consultation regarding all health care practice litigation matters.

You can learn more about our health care litigation attorneys and staff, or visit our Resources page. Subscribe to our MedicalLawBlog for the latest information on Florida health care legislation, helpful information on PIP payment coding and billing, and the latest news to affect the health care profession.

You are welcome to contact the Weinstein Law Firm or call us at (954) 757-7500 at any time to discuss your situation and ask any questions you may have. We will gladly speak with you at no obligation or cost.

The Weinstein Law Firm represents those involved in the health care profession throughout Broward County, Palm Beach County, and across Florida.

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