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The common trait among all personal injury cases is that the injured persons and their families suffer damages through the actions of others. These include economic damages such as lost wages and medical expenses, and human damages such as pain, suffering and emotional distress. These damages often severely impact that person’s quality of life and their ability to successfully move forward with their goals and dreams.

In cases involving personal injury, the attorney representing the injured party must:

  1. Identify the responsible parties.
    Sometimes, fault lies with one party and proving this fault is straightforward, but other times, fault may lie with multiple parties. And, proving fault can require an
    extensive investigation of the accident.
  2. Establish the amount of damages caused.
    Often, even after fault is established, the responsible parties will debate and dispute the severity of injuries and the amount of damages that they caused. Insurance companies, corporations and their lawyers are skilled at defending themselves against personal injury claims and minimizing damages.

A successful outcome for the injured party often requires going above and beyond the standard methods of preparing a case and leveraging advanced strategies, technologies and techniques such as forensic evidence, economic analysis, accident reconstruction, and the best technical and medical experts possible. The Weinstein Law Firm is one of a small group of law firms that has the resources, experience and know-how to apply these tools in personal injury cases.

Along with the above capabilities, a personal injury lawyer must have the experience to negotiate with the responsible parties and insurance companies, and when need be, to argue the case in front of a jury. Frequently, the defendant will attempt to settle out-of-court by offering a low settlement that doesn’t adequately cover all of the damages. They hope that the injured party and their attorney will agree to settle rather than pursue the claim in court. We are trial attorneys, first and foremost, and we are willing and ready to take a case to trial if necessary.

We have built a track record of strong verdicts and settlements in cases involving auto accidents, premises liability (slip and fall / negligent security), dangerous and defective products and insurance claims.

Our lawyers understand that in pursuing justice, there are no shortcuts.

You can learn more about our attorneys and staff, or visit our Resources page for consumer and legal information sources.

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