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While many auto accident cases may not seem complex, the reality is that they often are, although the complexities aren’t always immediately apparent. Road conditions, insurance coverage issues, the safety features of the motor vehicles and the involvement of commercial vehicles are just a few potential factors that may have played a role in causing the auto accident and/or injuries. All of these factors must be examined to ultimately identify damages – both economic (such as medical expenses and lost wages) and human (such as pain and suffering), and make sure they are compensated for.

Many law firms can adequately handle a basic auto accident case, but when additional complexities are involved, there are few auto accident attorneys with the skills, experience and resources to successfully represent you. Unfortunately, these complexities are only uncovered upon thorough investigation of the accident.

Three Reasons to turn to Weinstein Law

The attorneys of the Weinstein Law Firm bring several advantages.

  1. Our auto accident attorneys are uniquely skilled and experienced in regard to auto accident claims and insurance company litigation. This background positions us to successfully litigate these potentially complex cases.
  2. We leverage advanced strategies, technologies and techniques such as forensic evidence, economic analysis, accident reconstruction and the best technical and medical experts possible. Often the success of an auto accident case comes down to the ability to predict future economic and human damages. Most insurance companies do not look at future expenses when attempting to settle a claim. However, these future costs, which include prescription medicine, physical therapy and future lost wages, among other things, must be accounted for – even when the injuries appear to be minor. It is only through in-depth analysis that these costs are identified. This analysis enables us to present convincing evidence, even when the defense provides their own experts.
  3. Lastly, we pride ourselves on being Trial Attorneys and as such, we carefully plan each auto accident case as if it is going to trial. We are experienced in analyzing and refuting the testimony of expert witnesses used by the defendants.

Our auto accident attorneys understand that in pursuing justice, there are no shortcuts.

Weinstein Law Consumer Resource Center

We recognize that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and as such have created the Weinstein Law Consumer Resource Center. It is here that you will find resources to educate and prepare you with information on a variety of subjects including “What to do in the event of an auto accident,” and “Common Myths of Auto Insurance.” Please check our Resource Center often as it is being updated regularly.

You are welcome to contact our Coral Springs and South Florida auto accident attorneys or call us at (954) 757-7500 at any time to discuss your situation and ask any questions you may have. We will gladly speak with you at no obligation or cost.

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