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April 20, 2015 Posted in Medication Errors Tagged in medical Share

Generic drugs make up 80% of all prescriptions filled in the United States. But did you know that unlike name-brand manufacturers, generic drug manufacturers are not responsible for updating their labels to warn of new side-effects and cannot be held accountable if their drugs injure or kill Americans?

Consumers who take generic drugs are left in a safety loophole.

This generic drug safety loophole needs to be closed, and we have a chance to make that happen now. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed a fix that would make generic drug companies responsible for the products they make. It would allow the drug companies to update safety warnings as new side effects become known, and to be held accountable in court if those warnings don’t protect the public. That accountability is a key incentive to ensure drug companies monitor and adequately warn patients about safety risks.

But, the generic drug industry wants to remain unaccountable and has launched a campaign to stop the FDA’s plan.

Right now, the FDA is asking the public to weigh in on this issue, and it is imperative that they hear your voice today! Sign the petition to tell the FDA to finalize the safety fix!

What Can You Do?

Our firm has joined with the Take Justice Back campaign to press the FDA to close the generic drug safety loophole and ensure that generic drug companies are accountable. Take Justice Back has created a petition calling on FDA to take action now.

1.Please sign the petition today! The petition is online at:

2. Please share the petition with your friends, family, and contacts. You can share it on Facebook from this link:

The FDA needs to hear from consumers, patients, and families that safety is an issue that simply cannot wait. The public comment period ends on April 27 so we ask you to take action now!

Join me in urging the FDA to act TODAY to ensure generic drugs are safe and the industry is accountable.

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