Stand Up for Our Justices

October 10, 2012 Posted in Consumer

Want to stop the politicians from trying to take over the Supreme Court? Then stand up for our Justices against this political power grab.

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What You Need to Know About Florida's Revised Personal Injury Protection (

May 24, 2012 Posted in Auto Accidents

On May 04, 2012, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed legislation that was designed to reduce auto accident fraud, lower the cost of auto insurance premiums, and reduce the litigation costs associated...

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Highlights of the New Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) Statute Signed Into Law on May 04, 2012

May 15, 2012 Posted in Auto Accidents

On May 04, 2012, Governor Rick Scott signed legislation that purportedly aims to reduce auto accident fraud, lower the cost of auto insurance premiums, and reduce the litigation costs associated with...

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Florida's New Law on Child Safety Waivers

By Andrew Weinstein May 19, 2010 Posted in Defective Products, Premises Liability

After numerous attempts to limit their liability from injuries that occur, commercial businesses aimed at providing entertainment for children have, in-part, succeeded. Fortunately, thanks to the...

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Tire Safety and Aging: Precautions you can take to keep yourself and your family safe

April 27, 2010 Posted in Auto Accidents, Defective Products

While most drivers are well aware of the inherent dangers of driving a vehicle on Florida’s roadways, far fewer realize that a substantial number of crashes are caused by improperly maintained or...

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How to Choose a Lawyer

By Andrew Weinstein February 19, 2010 Posted in Consumer

Recently the Florida Supreme Court issued a new Opinion limiting the type of information lawyers can include on their websites. Beginning in June 2010 law firm websites may no longer include...

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Fla. Judges, Lawyers must 'Unfriend' on Facebook

December 21, 2009 Posted in Social Media

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Florida's judges and lawyers should no longer "friend" each other on Facebook, the popular social networking site, according to a ruling from the state's Judicial Ethics...

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Man Gets 120 Days in Jail after Swearing at Broward Judge

December 21, 2009 Posted in Social Media

Brian Noval learned an important lesson: Never talk back to a judge. According to WFOR-Ch. 4, Noval's bond hearing Wednesday in front of Broward Circuit Judge John Hurley began like most hearings do...

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Chiropractor Reproduction of Medical Records Increase

December 21, 2009 Posted in Medication Errors

DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Board of Chiropractic RULE NO.: RULE TITLE: 64B2-17.0055 Release of Medical Records; Reasonable Costs of Reproduction   PURPOSE AND EFFECT: The Board proposes the rule amendment...

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Florida AG sues spinal decompression device marketers.

December 9, 2009 Posted in Defective Products

The Florida Attorney General's office has accused Axiom Worldwide, its president and CEO James J. Gibson, and its vice-president Nicholas Exarhos of using false and misleading claims to market their...

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