Florida AG sues spinal decompression device marketers.

December 9, 2009 Posted in Defective Products Tagged in legal Share


The Florida Attorney General's office has accused Axiom
Worldwide, its president and CEO James J. Gibson, and its
vice-president Nicholas Exarhos of using false and misleading claims
to market their spinal decompression machines.


 The complaint states:

**Axiom sold more than 1,000 of its DRX 9000 device systems to
practitioners, mostly chiropractors.

**The price ($95,000 or $125,000) included brochures and suggested
ads that contained false claims.

**Prospective buyers were told that the device has FDA approval,
which is untrue,

**Axiom falsely represented that scientific trials had demonstrated
an 86% success rate for treating degenerative disc disease, herniated
discs, sciatica and post-surgical pain.

Chiropractors were also led to falsely believe that Medicare and
private insurers would cover the treatment.

**Since March 2006, Florida's licensing authorities have disciplined
twelve chiropractors who used Axiom's misleading marketing materials.

The Attorney General's lawsuit suit seeks (a) an injunction barring
further deceptive practices, (b) restitution to consumers, and (c)
disgorgement to the State of Florida of all revenues that resulted
from "transactions with consumers, generated as a result of the
unconscionable, unfair and deceptive practices" identified in the
complaint. Other marketers of spinal decompression devices have made
similar claims, but this is the first major enforcement action.


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