Steps to Take if you are Involved in an Auto Accident

January 27, 2010 Posted in Auto Accidents Share

Below are general guidelines in the unfortunate event that you are in an accident.

First things first – there are some things you should always keep in your vehicle:

  • Proof of insurance
  • A first aid kit
  • Disposable camera
  • Flares and/or auto distress flag to place in the road and alert other drivers

Another good tip – know and understand your auto insurance policy before an accident happens. This will help you greatly if you are in an accident.

At the accident scene:

Remain calm and check for injuries. Immediately turn on your hazard lights.

Move vehicle only if it is blocking traffic or if you feel unsafe.

If there are injuries or damages, the police should be called. You’ll need to report the accident and your insurance company will want a copy of that report.

Discuss the accident with the police only. It is important that you do not discuss the accident with or admit fault to the other driver.

If you or a passenger can do it, make notes about everything you remember about the accident occurring, and everything that is visible to you at the scene. The more details you can record, the better! Take pictures or make sketches of the accident scene.

Get names and phone numbers of any witnesses.

After the accident: Insurance claims can be extremely complex. If injuries were involved, and if any vehicle or property was damaged, it is in your best interest to quickly contact an attorney who primarily handles personal injury claims.

If you were injured, even if you believe the injuries are mild, get checked by a doctor as soon as possible.

Do not speak to anyone about your auto accident other than your insurance agent and even then, it’s a good idea to have an attorney present or involved. Make notes during every conversation.

This information is provided as a general guideline. You are welcome to contact the Weinstein Law Firm or call us at (954) 757-7500 at any time to discuss your situation and ask any questions you may have. We will gladly answer your questions at no obligation or cost.


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